Personal website and some scripts to handle it.
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<title>H311o W0r1d</title>
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<h1>H311o W0r1d</h1>
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<h2>Why does this site look so old school?</h2>
<p>If you reach this site via the modern web, please read this:</p>
<a class="textlink" href="./gemfeed/2021-04-24-welcome-to-the-geminispace.html">Welcome to the Geminispace</a><br />
<p>My name is Paul Buetow, and this is my internet site. You can call me a Linux/*BSD enthusiast and hobbyist. Although I also have many other interests, you will encounter mostly (if not only) technical content on this site.</p>
<p>I have published some Open-Source software; you will find references to it on this site or my GitHub page(s). I also read a lot of tech newsletters and blogs. I re-share the most interesting ones on my social media feeds. You can find links to my GitHub pages and my social media accounts on my contact information page:</p>
<a class="textlink" href="./contact-information.html">Contact information</a><br />
<p>I have also compiled a list of resources that made an impact on me:</p>
<a class="textlink" href="./resources.html">List of resources</a><br />
<h2>Personal blog</h2>
<h3>Stay updated</h3>
<a class="textlink" href="./gemfeed/atom.xml">Subscribe to this blog's Atom feed</a><br />
<a class="textlink" href="./gemfeed/index.html">Subscribe to this blog's Gemfeed</a><br />
<p>I have switched blog software multiple times. I might be backfilling some of the older articles here. So please don't wonder when suddenly old posts appear here.</p>