Personal website and some scripts to handle it.
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<title>Contact information</title>
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<h1>Contact information</h1>
<li>E-Mail: me at</li>
<h2>Social Media / Web Profiles</h2>
<p>I'm not really that much into social media, as I got the impression that it is</p>
<p>kind of a time sink without giving me the same joy that I can get from other</p>
<a class="textlink" href="">Mastodon</a><br />
<a class="textlink" href="">My Twitter profile</a><br />
<h2>My Open Source code repositories and profiles</h2>
<p>For the most part, I try to keep repositories that I am working on personally</p>
<p>(as it seems like most of my code is nothing someone else could make use of) in</p>
<p>my personal code archive hosted via gitea.</p>
<a class="textlink" href="">My personal code archive</a><br />
<a class="textlink" href="">dotfiles</a><br />
<a class="textlink" href="">Gitlab profile</a><br />
<a class="textlink" href="">Github profile</a><br />