Personal website and some scripts to handle it.
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# builds the way I want to deploy it later
# Requirements:
# Features:
# create a folder that
# 1. contains current state of the website
# 2. also contain legacy versions of the website (where the paths do not
# interfere with each other)
# enable printing the bash commands that are being executed
`set -o xtrace`;
# `set -o xtrace`
cd ../gemtexter && \
./gemtexter --feed && \
./gemtexter --generate && \
cd $WorkingDirectory
rm $TargetFolder -Rf
# Copy legacy website(s)
rsync --recursive --verbose ${SourcePrefix}_*/* $TargetFolder
# Copy current website; overwriting the legacy ones where needed.
rsync --recursive --verbose ${SourcePrefix}/* $TargetFolder
git add $TargetFolder
git commit -m "Automated build" \
--author="build script <>" \
-- $TargetFolder